AWS Cloud Architecture for Financial Services | Podcast

AWS Cloud Architecture for Financial Services
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In this episode, Guillermo and Mario talk about how to plan your own AWS Cloud Architecture for your Financial Services Application.

As you may know, there are lots of rules that you need to meet in order to create your Fintech application. But don’t worry, you can achieve it following some important points that Guillermo and Mario share in this podcast.

An AWS Cloud Architecture needs to have the capacity of supporting the growth of users, traffic, and data size. Also, it is a must that your architecture has scalability in case that resources are added.

Most importantly, an AWS Cloud Architecture should be impeccable, reliable, secure, high performing, and cost-efficient.

In this episode, you’ll be able to find more about thinking adaptive and elastic while using AWS, because remember that your AWS Cloud Architecture needs to be adapted to the demands of Cloud computing.

Firstly, they explain how to comply with all of them in a very simple way: Leveraging AWS technologies.

Secondly, they talk about the Well-Architected Framework and some of their points that are recommended to get up an infrastructure for your Financial Services Application.

Therefore, some of the points covered are:

  1. Security and trustability.
  2. Resilience and scalability.
  3. Strong backup policies and processes.
  4. High performance for high demand.
  5. Budget control.

Watch the video of an AWS Cloud Architecture Framework here!

Time-Stamped Show Note

[00:26] Welcome to the Cloud Cast Show.

[01:50] Who should be hearing the podcast?

[02:12] Why you should be hearing the podcast?

[02:53] AWS Cloud Architecture Framework.

[04:15] Fintech Application Diagram.

[09:18] Why use ECS?

[10:38] Using ECS Auto Scaling.

[11:20] 3 ways to scale ECS.

[14:04] Talking about the code side.

[18:30] Call the experts to create your App!

[19:32] Securing a Fintech application.

[21:15] Serverless: Backend and Frontend.

[23:08] Giveaway!

[24:32] 5 recommendations to create your FinTech infrastructure

[24:43] Follow the Well-Architected Framework

[25:08] Automate everything you can

[25:30] Start using container solutions

[26:08] Trust open source technologies

[26:35] Monitor your environment with Cloud-native tool

In conclusion

Your system needs to be adaptable and proportionally serve additional load all the time! Don’t stay out of the game.

To sum up, Mario and Guillermo have shown us the importance of having an AWS Cloud Architecture Framework for every Fintech Application. Moreover, if you still have questions about how to create an AWS Architecture, contact us, we can help you!

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