Most important AWS Services for HIPAA Compliance

Most important AWS Services for HIPAA Compliance
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Amazon Web Services is one of the most popular and complete hosting options for startups and enterprise alike. A growing number of Healthcare and IT professionals are using AWS services to implement continuous HIPAA compliant servers since it is one of the most trusted on the market. AWS cloud services are used to process, store and transmit the Protected Health Information (PHI).

Anyone who develops healthcare apps and deals with PHI is required to meet the security standards of health information and implement them. If your company is whether collecting, storing or transmitting PHI, then HIPAA compliant is a must that should be accomplished since patients need to be sure of clear protection of their personal data. 

These are the most important AWS services for HIPAA Compliance

Amazon KMS

Key Management Service (Amazon KMS) is an AWS service that allows creating useful keys to encrypt the hosted data of AWS. At the same time, this feature uses a validated hardware security modules to protect all your website’s private information. KMS is the best way of data encryption and to maintain patients security information. 

Amazon S3

Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) offers data availability, security and high performance for all healthcare suppliers. This means, that all IT Health customers can use Amazon S3 to store and protect any amount of data while providing easy-to-use management features. Amazon S3 results as the best option for storing information on the cloud at reasonable monthly prices, visit AWS S3 Pricing to learn how to reduce costs. 

Amazon RDS

Amazon Relational Database (RDS) is in charge of providing a cost-efficient and resizable capacity at the time of automating healthcare administration tasks that are time-consuming. RDS frees you to focus on your health concerns. One of the best benefits of RDS is that it is available on several database instance types. 

Amazon VPC

Amazon Virtual Private Cloud (Amazon VPC) has a lot of important functions for a healthcare application. This feature allows having a private or public subnet since it also allows you to create a VPN. You can find this service as one of the AWS Security Best Practices. 

Go beyond HIPAA Compliance

While summing up that being HIPAA compliant is important for your company, I’ll say that going beyond HIPAA Compliance will bring security to your site, and a team of engineers will ensure data protection from vulnerabilities and attacks. The journey to become HIPAA Compliant is easier with Amazon Web Services.

Remember that there have been more than 15 years of changes over processes and regulations, and HIPAA without being updated, since it was first established in 1996 and final regulations were published in 2003. The Protected Health Information that daily manages your site deserves to be secure.

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