PCI Compliance on AWS: 2020 Quick guide

PCI Compliance on AWS
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AWS PCI COMPLIANCE. The world is changing every day due to the new advances in technology and more likely, for payment technology. Why? Because there’s a constant creation of new rules and regulations in order to be sure that both enterprises and consumers are protected.

Talking about new technological rules, let’s review one of the most important security standards: AWS PCI Compliance. We will start reviewing this concept and the importance of meeting all the cloud requirements and standards. To then, going through what is PCI Compliance on AWS and why is it important to be compliant.

Let’s start!

The larger the business and the more cards it has access to, the higher the security risk, and therefore a higher level of security and PCI Compliance is required.”
–  SSL and PCI Compliance Explained, Charge.com

AWS PCI Compliance

PCI Compliance is the abbreviation of Payment Card Industry Compliance. It is a set of standards that are developed to protect the data of all of those owners of credit cards during all the financial transactions. These norms apply to all the companies that accept credit card payments as well as store, process and transmit cardholder data.

As you probably know, there are a total of 12 requirements that cover technical and operational systems components. Also, they include general practices, for instance, the cardholder information restriction and the need for creating safe passwords. In-depth practices are also established such as encryption and the use of a firewall.

Download our PCI Compliance Checklist on AWS

AWS PCI Compliance Architecture Video 

PCI Compliance on AWS

If you’re wondering if Amazon is certified as a PCI Service Provider, let me tell you that yes it is!

But what does it exactly mean? Well, it represents a shared responsibility model. In other words, AWS provides multiple services to establish an AWS PCI Compliant environment, but that is not to say that your environment will be automatically compliant.

As an AWS customer, you’re responsible for your own AWS PCI Compliance environment. For example, it is necessary to be constantly looking at the AWS service configurations, guest operating systems, and requisite security controls.

The best part is that AWS Compliance services make it possible to accelerate compliance’s customers! But as I mentioned before, there are some areas referred to compliance requirements that can be covered by AWS, but there are other ones that you must cover yourself.

In order to be compliant, it is necessary to build a standardized baseline architecture that always follows the PCI Compliance requirements. Here’s a quick guide and a PCI Compliance Checklist with all the information you need to know about a PCI Compliance architecture.

Why is it important to be AWS PCI compliant?

Nowadays, online transactions have become an essential part of our lives, and private data is continuously being exposed, hence the importance of keeping a secure data network. Constantly, there are companies dealing with this type of concern because of the people looking to steal data and credit card information.

This is the reason why security is a continuous process, no matter if you’re a small or a large company. Everyone needs to build a secure environment in the Cloud… small organizations are not the exception!

All eCommerce websites can be susceptible to any type of risk or attack. As an example, there can be identity theft, a credit card fraud or server resources can be stolen. If you didn’t know, the primary target for data thieves are all the eCommerce websites that are not protected.

But these dangers can be avoided if you count on a secure website! All you need to do is to take into account that as a business owner, it is your responsibility to protect your customers’ data and start implementing the best security practices for your eCommerce website. Don’t worry, with AWS PCI Compliance you can have all the services required for being compliant.

PCI Security Standard

If you already know what is AWS PCI compliant or planning to become one, you just need to consider that having a safe website means continuous monitoring. That is the process of inspecting, assessing, and enhancing your own environment in order to maintain continuous compliance.

If you’re looking for more options and you are willing to have more flexibility and functionality in your payment processes, then you should opt for the AWS best security practices, such as PCI Compliance on AWS!

There are many AWS Compliance Services that can be a big help for accomplishing all of the PCI Compliance requirements.

Here’s a list of them!

In conclusion

If you’re one of the companies dealing with payments and important cardholder data, you need to be aware to meet the 12 requirements of the PCI Compliance checklist. Why? Because it is business crucial to avoid data breaches and to assure the safety of the customer’s data.

I mean, who wants to deal with legal stuff due to compromised data, right? Thanks to the technology tools that we have today, it is easier to fulfill all the security standards. So start working with PCI Compliance on AWS and execute the best security services on your Web Application.

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