Top 10 AWS services you should know about (2020 Edition)

Top 10 AWS Services
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Have you ever seen all the services that AWS offers? A lot, right? To prevent you from getting lost in a world of endless possibilities we have created this Top 10 of AWS services list.

In this blog, you may not find the solution to all your problems in the cloud, but surely you will find a list of essential services that can fit perfectly with your projects. Ok, enough talk! Let’s start with this blog once and for all.

Below you can find a wonderful list of the top AWS services; if you have your application or database on the AWS cloud, these are the must-have services that will make a flawless infrastructure.

Top 10 AWS Services

Service No. 1: Amazon EC2

Amazon EC2

Forget the expensive physical servers with this Amazon service that allows us to create virtual machines and manage other features of servers; such as storage, security, ports, etc. With Amazon EC2 you can create servers in minutes with your preferred operating system.

This way you will have more time to take care of your projects and spend less time maintaining your servers.

Service No. 2: Amazon RDS

Amazon RDS

Amazon helps us to make our infrastructure less complicated, which is why it provides us with the RDS service. But what is it? With this service we will have dedicated instances for databases in a matter of minutes, fully managed by the AWS support team and capable of supporting multiple database engines such as SQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, etc …

Finally, we will forget all those hours of maintenance and support to our database servers!

Service No. 3: Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3)

Amazon Simple Storage

What happens to my data in the cloud? Well, Amazon S3 gives us relief when we talk about data, because they have an incredibly secure infrastructure. In addition to intelligently distributing data in different physical regions, they also have integrations such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA / HITECH, FedRAMP, our data will never be compromised.

Is that all?

Of course not, AWS S3 also has high availability, so accessing your information is just a click away, with almost zero latency of 99.9999999999%. Surely now you wonder how expensive this service is? Well, we are pleased to inform you that it is impressively cheap. First, it has a free layer that includes 5 GB of storage and then starts at the cost of $ 0.023 / month for the first 50TB.

Service No. 4: Amazon Cloudfront

Amazon Cloudfront

Have you asked yourself how fast your website is? When your users connect, do they have to wait for seconds to open the page? With the Global Content Delivery Service, commonly known as CDN, Amazon is responsible for managing all your content, delivering it and presenting it efficiently. With a minimum latency and with its high integration with other AWS services.

Reaching your target users has never been so easy.

Service No. 5: Amazon VPC

Amazon VPC

Is my information at risk in the AWS cloud? The answer is NO, with the private network in the cloud your information will only be available to the people or systems that you authorize. With AWS VPC you can create a private virtual network in which your entire IT environment (infrastructure or services) will live totally isolated from the outside world. This way your information is free of exposure.

Service No. 6: Amazon SNS

Amazon SNS

Going back to the developers’ issue, AWS offers us a very particular notification system that provides integration with any type of application, be it PHP, Python, Node, etc. With Amazon SNS we can send notifications to all our users on any platform, whether it is web or mobile on Android or iOS.

Service No. 7: AWS Beanstalk

AWS Beanstalk

This is the most attractive service for developers. I know that as a developer you do not want to manage the infrastructure of your site, right? It is normal since its maintenance becomes tedious and difficult to solve any problem. AWS Elastic Beanstalk relieves all this; developers no longer need to manage the infrastructure and focus on developing their software or applications.

Service No. 8: AWS Lambda

AWS Lambda

Is your server saturated with many requests? You do not know what to do? Stop worrying too much about infrastructure and less about development.

If you, like many other developers, have the problem that your current infrastructure does not support the demands of your developments, then AWS Lambda is for you. This instance allows you to work in an environment highly capable of supporting any development you do. You just take care of the coding and AWS will be responsible for providing the necessary resources, climbing at the same time so that everything works correctly.

Service No. 9: AWS Autoscaling

AWS Autoscaling

The magic of AWS – How to expand our application and take it to thousands and millions of users?

Well, Amazon again gives us the solution. With AutoScaling we can manage a fleet of servers which are capable of supporting all the traffic that our application demands. The service is totally free, the only thing charged is the number of instances for the time they run.

Service No. 10: AWS Elastic Cache

AWS Elastic Cache

Memory caching system of AWS. Elasticache supports Memcache and Redis.

“Now that you have what it takes do not think more and venture to create extraordinary things with AWS and ClickIT.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the most used AWS Service?

We can say there are many, however the most typical are AWS EC2 which includes load balancing, networking, instances, etc.

How can I start using AWS?

You can sign up to AWS and start using it on

How can I learn all these services?

You can sign up to learn AWS services on the APN portal as individual or as a partner company.

This is not a full list of the AWS services, AWS has many more services that surely fit perfectly with your projects. That’s why we decided to make this list that we hope you find useful or we think are necessary for your infrastructure. Our primary objective is to help our clients to know and integrate new technologies, and we can keep moving forward together.

So you know, if you want to know more about AWS and the services it offers check out our blogs you will surely find something fascinating and helpful for your business.

Are you planning to deploy a modern and highly scalable web application? Read this article about it.

At ClickIT we can help you with the analysis, development, integration, and optimization of any AWS service you work with. Remember that our main merit is to help and we are more than willing to do what we can.

AWS services
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